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The DynaWell L-Spine was developed to specifically apply gravity to a patient’s spine (axial loading) in supine position to simulate the upright or standing position when scanned in a conventional, high resolution MRI. DynaWell is a light weight vest with attached footplate that compresses the lumbar spinal canal to simulate what it looks like when a patient is standing, that is when sciatica and neurogenic claudication (symptoms commonly associated with spinal stenosis) are most pronounced. The device is compact, easy to use, there is no pressure placed on the shoulders and all parts are non-magnetic. The benefits of using DynaWell L-Spine are more relevant, enhanced images, maximum patient comfort, it accurately simulates an upright position, it keeps the spine in its correct anatomical position, it is an advanced approach to diagnosing previously undetected problems and minimizes motion artifacts vs. stand-up imaging techniques. Scanning patients with low back pain and injuries is proven to add 60-70% more information for better and more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

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