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Do MRI’s hurt?

MR imaging is painless and each scan takes between 10 and 40 minutes to complete.  As the scan takes place there may be some vibration noise and clicking sounds as the images are taken.  We provide headphones for comfort and hearing protection.

What happens during an MRI procedure?

When you arrive for your MRI, the technologist will make sure you remove all metal objects including jewelry.  You will lie down on a cushioned bed that moves into a donut shaped apparatus that is open on both ends.  You will have to be very still during the procedure so the pictures will not be blurry.  When the test is over you may go home.  You will need a follow up visit with your referring doctor to go over the results of your test.

What happens during the MRI procedure with the DynaWell Compression Device?

The MRI technician attaches the DynaWell Compression Device to the patient prior to entering the MRI and applies 50% of the patient’s body weight in compression.  This closes the gaps in the L-spine thereby revealing herniation and bulges that may not present as significantly when the patient is in a relaxed position.  Adding 50% compression does not create false positives of medical conditions that do not exist.  The device is lightweight, fits all sizes of patients, is pain free and does not put any pressure on the patient’s shoulders.

What is a weight bearing MRI?

A traditional weight bearing MRI is one that is performed in an upright standing MRI scanner.  There are very few of these MRI’s in the United States as they can be more costly than traditional scanners, the resolution of the images may not be as accurate, and it is extremely difficulty to get clear images due to patient movement, potential muscle fatigue and pain of standing for a prolonged amount of time with an injury.  A better alternative is a device used in a traditional MRI with a patient in a lying down position that simulates the force of gravity on the spine and replicates the body as it would look like when a patient is standing.  Maxim MRI uses DynaWell L-Spine Compression Device for the most accurate images and diagnoses.

Is there any risk during an MRI?

There are little to no side effects of an MRI.  MR Imaging involves no radiation.  It is a safe, effective way to make the right diagnosis and allows patients to avoid unnecessary medical procedures.

What are the benefits of an MRI?

MRI’s are noninvasive imaging techniques that do not involve exposure to ionizing radiation.  MR images are more likely in some instances to identify and accurately characterize diseases and injuries than other imaging methods.  MRI’s also provide better soft tissue contrast and can differentiate between fat, water and muscle for precise diagnoses.

What insurance do you take and does and MRI with the DynaWell device cost more?

At this time we accept all auto insurance and private pay.  The DynaWell L-Spine Compression Device is used for more accurate diagnoses at no additional cost.

How fast will I get results of my MRI? 

Every patient will leave their MRI appointment with their MRI on disk.  The MRI will be interpreted by our radiologist and a clear, concise report sent to your doctor within 3 business days.  Your doctor will also have access to your MRI report on our website with their own secure link to protect your personal information.